I am not my weakest moment

It always baffles me how most of the time, we are judged by our weakest moment in life. We are always judged by the times we acted out of character, the times we spoke out of frustrations. As someone who has experienced frustrations and disappointment, had grey days, days when I had no inch of social engagement in me , I too have spoken out of character.

But what baffles me is that people will choose to forget all the goods you’ve done, the countless times you were kind, the times you sacrificed for the sake of others, your generous moments and happy moments and choose to rather associate your character with the one time you snapped, the one time you spoke out of frustration because your life was in shambles and you had way too many thoughts to process and your mind was racing and in that very heated moment, in that very moment when you were battling between catching your breath and slowing down your thought processes, you say things things that may be perceived as rude or cold towards the hearers and all of a sudden, their idea of who you are changes and is now based on your weakest moments.

I am in no means justifying being rude or cold, however I am saying that can your idea of who I am not be limited to the times you saw me at my weakest and lowest moments?

Its okay to have bad days, weak moments, hard times and rough times. they make us humans. We all have our moment of weakness , but we are not defined by the mistakes we make, the bad days and the stumbling blocks. Our failures and rough days do not define us.

Environmental Researcher and Co-founder of the South African Youth Biodiversity Network